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(Victoria, BC – 3 November 2006) - The most expensive books sold on in October 2006 were:

$9,000 - SMS, Collection of Original Multiples by Duchamp, Man Ray, Lichtenstein, Christo et al
A series of paper portfolios from the leading artists of the 1960s - one of 35 deluxe copies

$6,394 - Ex decreto Concilii Tridentini by Catechismus
A rare 17th century first edition of a key work in Catholic doctrine

$5,850 - Al-Mawakib (The Procession) by Kahil Gibran
A rare copy of an ode written in classic Arabic along with a letter and drawings by the Lebanese-born philosophical essayist, novelist, poet and artist

$4,500 - The Healer’s Way by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
A signed manuscript of the novel, loosely based on the author’s nursing experiences in Vietnam, complete with notes and corrections

$3,500 - Schonheit Im Olympischen Kampf by Leni Riefenstahl
A special edition with 280 pages of photos and an embossed Olympic medal from the filmmaker known for her documentary about the 1936 Berlin Olympics

$3,000 - 1984 by George Orwell
An unsigned UK first edition of Orwell's dystopian masterpiece

$3,000 - Les traitez de l'homme et de la formation du foetus by Rene Descartes
A 1680 third edition in French of the first European textbook of physiology

$2,889 - The Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole
A first printing first edition of the book that won the Pulitzer Prize in 1980

$2,500 - Narrative of Voyages to Explore the Shores of Africa, Arabia and Madagascar by Captain W.F.W. Owen A set of books charting a key 19 th century voyage of discovery

$2,500 - Experiments and Observations on Different Kinds of Air by Joseph Priestley
First edition from Priestley's series detailing his experiments with gases between 1779 and 1786

The bestselling books on in October 2006 were:

  1. I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron
  2. Marketing Management by Philip Kotler
  3. Mathematics: Applications and Connections by William Collins
  4. Introductions to Futures and Options Markets by John Hull
  5. Managerial Accounting by Ray Garrison
  6. The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry by Larry Gonick
  7. Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard by Kiran Desai
  8. Law For Business by Norman J Mietus
  9. Thirteen Moons by Charles Frazier
  10. The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai


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